Instructions for Hospitality

BCFM Hospitality Committee

Providing snacks and coffee at Architectural Heritage Center (AHC)

Arrival and Set-Up

A Ministry and Oversight Committee member opens the building at approximately 9:30 AM on First Day mornings. You may want to arrive about 15 minutes before Meeting begins in order to make coffee and set up cups and other supplies. Supplies are stored in the closet in the Meeting room. Snacks are served on the counter in the Meeting room.

We use the nearby kitchen to prepare coffee and tea water. There is an electric pot for heating water in the kitchen. First heat water and pour it into a carafe to warm it. Then use the white coffee maker (from the closet) to make a pot of caffeinated coffee. Use one cup of coffee grounds for 10 cups of water. While that pot is dripping, warm the second carafe with hot water. Once the caffeinated coffee is finished, pour it into the warmed carafe and make the second pot, this time decaffeinated coffee. There is a small label for decaf in the supply box. Also make hot water for tea.

Remove the AHC coffee and tea condiments from the counter in the Meeting room. Put out about 25 or 30 BCFM coffee cups, from the closet. Also put out either powdered creamer or milk you’ve brought from home, sugar, tea and stirrers from our plastic supply box. If the snack you bring requires paper plates, they are also in the snack box along with forks and knives.


Lately we have had between 20 and 30 worshippers. Snacks provided are typically “finger food,” including fruit, vegetables, crackers, dip, cheese, sweets, or any combination thereof. If there are nuts in the snacks, please make a small sign stating so. You may purchase snacks ready-made or prepare them at home. It is understood and expected that some Friends will request reimbursement for the cost of providing snacks, while others will make in-kind contributions. If wishing reimbursement, please submit receipts and reimbursement request form to the Treasurer. Thereimbursement form is available on the BCFM website.


Remove cups and all left-over snacks from the Meeting room, wipe surfaces, and replace the ACH coffee and tea condiments to the Meeting room counter. There is a broom in the kitchen if needed to sweep up crumbs or other floor debris.

Wash cups, utensils, coffee pot and carafes. The water in the kitchen doesn’t get very hot, so you may need to use the hot water pot to heat water for a final rinse. Be sure to wipe all counters in the kitchen. There are dish towels and wash cloths in the supply closet. Return cups and other supplies to the closet. Be sure to ask for help with clean-up if you need it.

A Ministry and Oversight Committee member will be responsible for closing the building, as the alarm must be set upon exiting.