About Friends (Quakers)

[opening needs some work–to start on a more positive and big-picture note] While Friends (Quaker) practice does come out of the Christian Protestant Tradition, we recognize, and many Friends embrace, the diversity of the world’s Faith Traditions, including Universalist/Humanist approaches.

Our core belief is that there is “that of God” within everyone, an inner light that guides us as we hear “that still small voice within.” All of our beliefs & practices follow this core experience.

We strive to live our lives with a sense that we are connected to God and that God or Spirit resides within each of us.

To help us focus Quakers have developed a set of “testimonies,” which serve as guiding principles.  Although the list of testimonies, or their emphasis can change from time to time, or differ in emphasis from one Friends Meeting to another, the generally accepted ones embraced by our Yearly Meeting include:

  • Simplicity
  • Peace
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Equality
  • Stewardship

[add something about Quakers worldwide…origins of the Quaker movement…etc.]